T Is for Time Travel - Wild Times

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T Is for Time Travel


A lost Army veteran working with a mad scientist becomes accidentally lost in the time of dinosaurs.

This is a Bambiraptor

"Bambiraptor is a Late Cretaceous, 72-million-year-old, bird-like dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur described by scientists at the University of Kansas, Yale University, and the University of New Orleans. The holotype fossil is less than one meter long, although this specimen appears to be a juvenile, and it is possible that Bambiraptor is a juvenile Saurornitholestes. Because of its small size, it was named Bambiraptor feinbergi, after the popular Disney movie character (the name literally translates to "Bambi thief") and the surname of the wealthy family who bought and lent the specimen to the new Graves Museum of Natural History in Florida."
– Wikipedia

agate, stone, gem

Agate vein

Imagine what Hal felt being inside a vein of Agate. Trippy, isn't it?

Which dinosaur would you like to encounter in the past? Why?