Ten stories from author Stanlei Bellan, that will take you on a rollicking journey through the timestream.

Fun and fast-paced short stories that will introduce you to characters you’ll love, thrilling adventures, and thought-provoking scenarios—with plenty of laughs along the way.

Are you ready to jump in—whenever it may take you?

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About the author

In other timelines, Stanlei has been a physics professor, an engineering graduate, a start-up entrepreneur, and a winner of six Cannes Lions awards for his creative work in advertising and entertainment.

An immigrant from Brazil who was adopted by California, he is still learning how to bend time to fit his wife, two sons and a daughter, a cat, his business partners, and his many hobbies (like playing Dungeons & DragonsScience Fiction, and uncovering fascinating historical facts).

Stanlei’s writing is inspired by an unquenchable desire to transcend reality into fantasy.





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What are people saying?

Selected early reviews of the short stories in T Is for Time Travel

T is for time travel is an enticing book. It is the book equivalent of a David Fincher film, full of plot twists in each story and mentality challenging as a Douglas Hofstadter book. Stanlei Bellan’s stories will stay with you as you wait for Elon Musk to build a time machine.”
In T is for time travel, Stanlei presents us a vigorously eclectic collection of short stories, offering from prehistoric adventures to philosophical questions, flirting with the surreal, without forgetting, of course, the good old time paradoxes and the just tribute to a certain time traveler character. Extremely pleasant reading.
"Mastering time travel stories is no easy job; you must be deeply in touch with science fiction to get it right. Stanlei shows this sovereignty in each short story of his collection T Is for Time Travel. He brings you along on a journey that is easy and pleasant even for first-time sci-fi readers. So I recommend that you enjoy your time as you travel through his amazing adventures – you won’t regret it. "
This collection of timely short stories reads like a love letter from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. If you've missed the wit and charm of early Asimov or A. E. van Vogt, then this collection will bring a smile to your face. More recent fans of hard SF will enjoy the clever use of narrative and concepts which make time into an almost Loki-esque character lurking behind this collection of engaging armchair thought-experiments about the nature of time.