T Is for Time Travel - Time to Light

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T Is for Time Travel


Grida, a 19th century female lighthouse keeper, is recruited by a mysterious time traveler.

The inspiration

"Time to Light" was inspired by this image, which was posted as a challenge in a Goodreads group called Weekly Short Stories Contest and Company!

Grace Darling

"Grace Horsley Darling (24 November 1815 – 20 October 1842) was an English lighthouse keeper's daughter. Her participation in the rescue of survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838 brought her national fame."
– Wikipedia

Ida Lewis

"Idawalley Zoradia Lewis[a] (February 25, 1842 – October 24, 1911) was an American lighthouse keeper noted for her heroism in rescuing people from the seas. Lewis tended the Lime Rock Light for her father from 1857 until 1873 when he died. Ida finally received the official appointment as keeper in 1879."
– Wikipedia

Grida = [Grace + Ida]

The main character of "Time to Light" is an amalgamation of those women. I was so struck by their resilience and courage to go against all the prejudices of their society that I thought it was my duty to honor them in this story.

Which other remarkable women in history deserve a time travel story?