T Is for Time Travel - Tempus Pompeius

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T Is for Time Travel


Clive’s DNA analysis of a 2000-year-old fossil from ancient Pompeii becomes an unexpected paternity test when he discovers the remains belong to his daughter.

49.8% of shared DNA with my daughter

This is the actual quantity of shared DNA I have with my daughter, which coincidently is the same amount between Clivius and his daughter. Go figure.

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A Bakery of Ancient Pompeii

In ancient Pompeii, the bakeries had to make their own flour. To do so, they had large stone mills inside the bakery. In this picture you can see exactly what they were like from an unearthed site in Pompeii.

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The Plaster Casts

This was the image that inspired me to think about Clivius' daughter. Just imagine her with a loaf of bread on her lap. These casts are eerily realistic. Click the image to learn more about them.

What would you do if you had accidentally time traveled to ancient Pompeii?