T Is for Time Travel - Only Time Will Tell

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T Is for Time Travel


Time itself applies to join the pantheon of the Lords of Physics.

The Pantheon of Physics [Forces]

"In physics, the fundamental interactions, also known as fundamental forces, are the interactions that do not appear to be reducible to more basic interactions. There are four fundamental interactions known to exist: the gravitational and electromagnetic interactions, which produce significant long-range forces whose effects can be seen directly in everyday life, and the strong and weak interactions, which produce forces at minuscule, subatomic distances and govern nuclear interactions. Some scientists hypothesize that a fifth force might exist, but these hypotheses remain speculative."
– Wikipedia

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Lord Chance

I am a strong believer in chance. Not only Lord Chance (who I fully believe in), but also the concept of indeterminism – the idea that randomness is actually very real, and the cornerstone of free will.

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The Pantheon of Physics

The Pantheon of Physics has existed for many eons, of course. Initially there was only Lady Singularity, who burst out of existence giving birth to Lord Gravity, Lord EM, Lady Strong, and Lady Weak. Chance, who at the time was merely an afterthought, had to step up and help organize the youngling forces, before they could do any lasting damage.

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Only TIME will tell

Time had always been underestimated by his peers and higher entities, until he decided it was past himself to secure his position as one of the key protagonists in the universe. And no better way to do it than by formalizing that all was up for change. Including his past self.

Who should be the next to join the Pantheon of Physics?